One Last Gig – Maybe?


Jack and James – Sparky Ink Studio – Early 2018

Last Summer (2019) James aka Jamwinga announced that he was moving off down South – yes we struggled to believe this too – we thought he’d always be at the Studio – but alas it did eventually come to pass and he moved off to Portsmouth.  Before his departure and because we didn’t really know when he was moving we did a number of ‘Last Gig’s’ videos usually on Clone Hero or Guitar Hero, also some other videos such as Quizzes and gaming.

Jack and James Rocking it – Sparky Ink Studio Early 2019





Rummaging through our archives last week we found 5 videos never before uploaded to our channel – all from this very specific time era starring Jamwinga and Jack performing with plastic guitars to some favourite charts on Clone Hero.

If you like Music, Like plastic Guitars or Clone Hero give this a watch.  You can also like and subscribe too if you want to see more.

Check out Jack and James YouTube Channels on the video descriptions.

Thanks in advance for viewing 🙂

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LOADING SCREEN newsletter – APRIL 2019


OK – so our little Studio has levelled up and gained an Xtra Life during the last month!  We are very excited and pleased to announce that we will be moving into our new studio building on: Friday 19th April.  Our New Address is:  39 Holywell Street, Chesterfield, S41 7SH

This has all happened pretty quickly and we are moving from our current self-contained large roomed studio to a full building with 6 rooms, loos, kitchen and a funky cellar!  This is an amazing time for us and all our inkers and thinkers as we begin a new adventure.  Of course we are very sad to be leaving the community at West Studios where we have been for the last Two and a half years.  However, it does feel right to move on and we really did need a larger space as we were getting pretty squished.

Once we are settled we will be having an Open Day.  Over the next few weeks we will have plenty of extra announcements to make as we start working on turning some of our plans into reality.

In Other News:

8-Bit Evolved Gaming Events:–  Do you live locally and love gaming.  Then you might be interested in one of our Autism Friendly Gaming Events?  You might like to check out our Events page on our website for the details of our next Gaming Morning (9 – 15) and Gaming Nite Events (16+).  Our next one is the 27th April.  This will also be the first one in our new studio!  If you would like to book for yourself or someone you look after please contact Ginger as Pre-registration is required. 




EASTER OPENING HOURS – We will be open for our regular Monday Workshops on Bank Holiday Monday.  Please note: This is only for those already registered.  If you would like to know more about our workshops please drop us a line either to or via the contact page on our website.

PODCAST – We will be launching a new Podcast from our new Studio in the next few weeks.  Check back for the details or ask to added to our Newsletter mailing list for information as it happens.

GINGER’S CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE – Is very nearly over.  Ginger gave up chocolate at the beginning of February; the challenge was to get to Easter Sunday Chocolate Free!  With only a few days to go She has just about managed it. Although she did this as a personal challenge there are a few who wanted to donate to one of the 2019 Sparky Causes in response.  Ginger is also donating the proceeds of her Chocolate savings too.

Picture taken from

If you would like to donate we are donating funds to: Russian Orphan Bear Rescue.  You have to donate via their website as they currently have no Just Giving profile. Please let me know if you donate as I would like to Thank you for your help.


Their details are:  OR you can donate through Sparky Ink via Cheque to our new address or via paypal.  Please email us for the details at

THANK YOU in Advance for your kindness.

That’s about it for now.  Keep inking and thinking guys.

Peace and Hope

The Sparky ink Studio Team

‘Loading… Screen’ Sparky ink Studio Newsletter – 2018 Roundup


Welcome ‘inkers & thinkers’ to our first ‘Loading Screen‘ Newsletter of 2019!  We thought it would be a great idea to keep our Sparky Friends and Followers up to date by giving you something epic to read; not epic as in winner of best literature… more epic in volume.  🙂 

This edition is to be a quick reflection of 2018 as it was a fantastic year for us and we wanted to share some of the highlights and have only just had chance to do so.  If there is anything more you would like to know about stuff we did or how we did it drop us a comment below or send us some contact via our website…

2018 Roundup

One of the main highlights for our Studio in 2018 was starting the New Year in our new studio after moving from our little shared area into our New self-contained Studio at West Studios.  Our move was filmed by one of our Broadcasting & Production Students and Youtuber James
aka Jamwinga.  Check out our little moving Video that we made here:

Throughout the year we gained some new students, we went out on outreach to schools and colleges in the area and  had some fab taster sessions, gave some inspirational careers talks, Met loads of brilliant people, worked with people of all ages,
filled lots of hard drives and SD cards with happy filming and photography, edited tons of film, made loads of videos, created many amazing clay monsters, filmed a professional film, designed and developed our first game, ate lots of Custard Creams and Bourbon biscuits, Drank Tea and played hours of video games.

We also attended as Press at ‘EGX’ in Birmingham and ‘Play Expo’ in Blackpool – which was a real treat.  We supported West Studios with the Summer Market and held Christmas Workshops where we had a fab day with visitors who tried their hand at Stop Motion Animation.   We were thrilled to have introduced the opportunity for Work Experience at the Studio and even more thrilled that people wanted to complete their work experience with us.  In 2018 we welcomed Amy Hannah who was studying Art at Sheffield Colleges, Andreas Lee – An Animation Student from Chesterfield College and Alannah Smith from Wales Bar School.  We have recorded so much during 2-18 in video form on YouTube and our photographs we have put on social media.  Looking back on them and remembering the fun and achievements for the Students and our studio definatly brings a smile to our faces.

One of the things we had hoped to achieve was a small game to celebrate our 2nd Birthday and our 1st Birthday for our Gaming Events.  We were so pleased when two weeks after deciding to build the game, it was finished.  Albeit in a beta form (we have since changed backgrounds and game play mechanics in the game)  but we are so pleased with the outcome and that we had at last created our very first game as a studio with original characters.  ‘tHAT bIRTHDAY gAME’  was presented to our gamers at our 8-Bit Evolved Gaming Morning and Nite for testing and we are pleased to say it was well received! 

Since then, just about all our students have created a ‘Fan Level’ for the game.  We hope to Licence the Game sometime in 2019 as a Free To Play Online Game.

During the Summer of 2018 we planned a Sparky day for community group Kaps.  We wrote ‘They Came From Your Feet’ as a story board for the children two days before and tweaked it on set on the day when we filmed everything.  I suppose we didn’t expect it to come out as well as it did but the talented children and our crazy story seemed to go hand in hand.  After five months in post production we now have a 20 minute black n’ white silent movie, which we hope to premiere in the very near future.  As a studio this is such an achievement and we are really proud of this.  The children who star in the film are amazing and we can’t wait for them to see the finished production.

In November 2018 we stood with the ‘Chesterfieldian’s’ in their West Studios Remembrance Day Ceremony reflecting on the 100 year anniversary since the First World War.  A solemn occasion filled with acknowledgement and respect for those who died and those who survived and returned home.  We were delighted to have permission to film the service, a great honor as this will hopefully continue to be in their archives forever.  The completed film will be given to the group.

All year we hosted our regular  monthly 8-Bit Evolved Autism Friendly Gaming Nites and also introduced a Mini Gamers Morning event each month too.  These have be extra fun and the funds raised paid for a ‘Nintendo Switch’ just in time in December for the launch of ‘Super Smash Bros’ and our Christmas get together – which was one thumb defining day!

By the time we broke up in December for Christmas we were ready for the rest.

2019 is going to be just as much an exciting year as 2018 was.  We have so many exciting events and all sorts of things which are going to happen.  We will publish our First Quarter Newsletter by the end of March 2019 to give some hints at what to expect!

A massive THANK YOU to all those who supported us in 2018.  A Particularly warm felt Thanks to our Students and Gamers who have made our year really special!

Thanks for checking out our Blog.


Sparky Ink Studio Remembering 100 years since the Great War ended…

This is our little tribute to all those who lost their lives in any war. 

You are remembered.

‘At The Going Down of the Sun’  by Jake Wright & Ginger
Sparky Ink Studio Copyright 2018

Introducing: ‘Mini’ 8-Bit Evolved Gaming (Autism Friendly)

Following the success of our 8-Bit Evolved Gaming Nites we have started one for our younger gamers.  Taking place at our Studio in West Studios, Chesterfield we co-host the  ‘Mini’ 8-Bit Evolved Gaming Mornings each month; especially for young ‘uns’ aged 9 – 15. These Autism Friendly events are a great place to game with like-minded other young ‘uns’, make new friends, socialize and chat about everything gaming in a safe enviroment.

All games or challenges from games are aged appropriately.  Parents and carers are welcome to drop off and pick up and can either stay within easy reach by chilling out in West Studios Cafe and Shop or nip into Chesterfield Town.

Pre-registration is required. The cost is £8.00 per person with drinks and snacks included. Interested please contact the studio on or check out our info and make contact through our website at

Payment is on the day either by cash or bank transfer prior to the event. Alternatively you can purchase a non-refundable season pass for ‘3’ 8-Bit Evolved gaming mornings which has a 10% discount.

Check out our Facebook Events for the dates @8BitEvolvedGaming

Logo and Pictures Copyright belongs to Sparky Ink Studio Ltd 2018

Introduction. How Sparky Ink Studio began…

In 2012 I had the idea to start Sparky Ink.  At that time I wasn’t really sure what I was doing or what I was going to do I just knew it would be in gaming and storytelling and would help people in some way. 

At the time I worked in a Bank as an underwriter and I just wanted to break out and get back to my creative roots. I’d studied Art at school and college and later was proud to get my BA in English & Performing Arts at The University of Sheffield.  My family were beginning to grow up and it seemed a good time to get on with it at last.  I spent some time working freelance and in other support roles until I finally took the plunge and put my plan into action and started up Sparky Ink Studio Ltd on 29 June 2016. 

The Studio was literally started from nothing except passion, determination and encouragement from family and friends.

In August 2016 my little studio became official and I took up a shared studio in Studio 2 at West Studios in Chesterfield.

In December 2017, needing to expand, West Studios offered us our own self contained studio in ‘The Old Headmasters Office’.  This was absolutely fantastic.  We loved being in Studio 2 and the other businesses there who had supported us during our first year in business. 

It has meant a lot to us to still be at West Studios as the support from the other tenants and the business support is fantastic.    Having our own self contained space is the icing on the cake and means we can be noisy and messy and we can also evolve the studio and accommodate more students.  We can also leave our Green Screen’s hung up which as anyone who hates ironing knows this is definitely a BIG plus!

Check out our website at to find out more about what the studio is doing or contact us on 

Studio Upgrade – from Studio 2 to The Old Head Master’s Office.

On Wednesday 20th December Sparky Ink Studio moved into another part of West Studios into our own self-contained Studio.  It was hard work and we didn’t realise how much stuff we had accumulated until we began packing it and realised that a few old wine boxes and some shopping bags wasn’t going to cut it. 

Eventually though by 1pm we had moved the last of our gear and had an hour and a half to try and get the studio looking like it belonged to us before security booted us out for Christmas break.

One of our ‘youtuber’ students James aka Jamwinga filmed some of the day to document this important change for us. 

Please check it out on his channel at Jamwinga or watch the less edited more raw version on our channel.  

A massive THANKS to everyone that helped on the day, to the businesses in Studio 2 for their fantastic support to us through our first year and a half and to the whole of West Studios for their brilliant support and encouragement.


Our new address is:

Sparky Ink Studio Ltd

The Old Headmasters Office

West Studios

Sheffield Road


S41 7LL

NEW! “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU” Fan-Based Star Wars animation by Student Lewis

A few weeks ago, Sparky Ink Studio Student; Lewis began creating a Fun and Amazing Fan-based Star Wars Stop-motion animation.  The animation was created using Lego MiniFigs (found under the bed) and the snowmen were created in super brill detail by support Holly.  The Story evolved into a small adventure where Luke Skywalker and his team of Snowmen (some Zombie) capture The Dark Lord Darth Vader – Luke’s dad.  The snowmen mean business.

Lewis worked with Studio Digital Editor Josh to create some create terrific Visual Special effects to show Darth Vader’s demise and create some wintry scenes.  Lewis turned Luke Skywalker into a bit of a rapper with the famous line “You are NOT my father!”  

This is Lewis’ first animation with the Studio so we hope you enjoy it.  Check it out here “STAR WARS – DAWN OF THE ZOMBIE SNOWMEN”  Please like and Subscribe on our youtube channel.  Thank you for your support.


Some images from the film…

Opening Titles
lewis 2

Luke with his trusty Snowmen

8-Bit Evolved Autism Friendly Gaming Night…SHOWREEL from our 5th Event!


In August 2017 8-Bit Evolved Held their fifth Autism Friendly Gaming Night. It was a fun filled retro fighting evening where old titles were taken out of the cupboard and dusted off. Here is a taster show reel of these. Thank you watching and please Like and Subscribe.

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Collection of mini animation’s

From Siberian Husky’s to superhero’s to lego Zombies and the walking dead….just some mini animations from participants at the studio.

Thanks for watching!