Introduction. How Sparky Ink Studio began…

In 2012 I had the idea to start Sparky Ink.  At that time I wasn’t really sure what I was doing or what I was going to do I just knew it would be in gaming and storytelling and would help people in some way. 

At the time I worked in a Bank as an underwriter and I just wanted to break out and get back to my creative roots. I’d studied Art at school and college and later was proud to get my BA in English & Performing Arts at The University of Sheffield.  My family were beginning to grow up and it seemed a good time to get on with it at last.  I spent some time working freelance and in other support roles until I finally took the plunge and put my plan into action and started up Sparky Ink Studio Ltd on 29 June 2016. 

The Studio was literally started from nothing except passion, determination and encouragement from family and friends.

In August 2016 my little studio became official and I took up a shared studio in Studio 2 at West Studios in Chesterfield.

In December 2017, needing to expand, West Studios offered us our own self contained studio in ‘The Old Headmasters Office’.  This was absolutely fantastic.  We loved being in Studio 2 and the other businesses there who had supported us during our first year in business. 

It has meant a lot to us to still be at West Studios as the support from the other tenants and the business support is fantastic.    Having our own self contained space is the icing on the cake and means we can be noisy and messy and we can also evolve the studio and accommodate more students.  We can also leave our Green Screen’s hung up which as anyone who hates ironing knows this is definitely a BIG plus!

Check out our website at to find out more about what the studio is doing or contact us on