One Last Gig – Maybe?

Jack and James – Sparky Ink Studio – Early 2018

Last Summer (2019) James aka Jamwinga announced that he was moving off down South – yes we struggled to believe this too – we thought he’d always be at the Studio – but alas it did eventually come to pass and he moved off to Portsmouth.  Before his departure and because we didn’t really know when he was moving we did a number of ‘Last Gig’s’ videos usually on Clone Hero or Guitar Hero, also some other videos such as Quizzes and gaming.

Jack and James Rocking it – Sparky Ink Studio Early 2019





Rummaging through our archives last week we found 5 videos never before uploaded to our channel – all from this very specific time era starring Jamwinga and Jack performing with plastic guitars to some favourite charts on Clone Hero.

If you like Music, Like plastic Guitars or Clone Hero give this a watch.  You can also like and subscribe too if you want to see more.

Check out Jack and James YouTube Channels on the video descriptions.

Thanks in advance for viewing 🙂

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