Covid-19 – update for Sparky Ink Studio  Monday 16 March 2020

Covid-19 – update for Sparky Ink Studio 
Monday 16 March 2020
Things may change as the Government makes changes to help control the virus.  We will keep updating this post and the ones on our social feeds.
If you are due to attend or visit our studio here is the stuff you can do to help us stay Covid-19 free and remain open:
* Please. Do not attend if you have developed a new cough, a high temperature or are feeling unwell – We don’t want your bugs don’t bring em! 🤢
* We hope you have enjoyed your jollies but if you have been travelling abroad or been around anyone who has recently travelled abroad please contact the studio before you return for your first session back or before visiting the studio. We have a list on a clipboard to go through with you. 🤔
These next things are really cool good habits anyway so do them!😊
* When arriving at the studio please make a beeline for the loos and give your hands a good wash. 👐
* Wash your hands throughout the day. Before eating and after too.👐
* If you do happen to sneeze or cough – Yes everyone will point and stare but be smart and do this into a tissue or on the inside of your elbow. And you will get a thumbs up.👍
Bin that tissue straight away and Wash your hands straight after.
* We will wipe down the door handles, keyboards, the mouse, desk and gaming controllers regularly but please remind us if you want to use equipment and you think it needs a wipe.😊
* Sadly we will no longer be using our cookie barrel for normal biscuits. However the good news is we will have some individually wrapped snacks instead of our regular biscuits. Yay!😀
* We have hand sanitizer on each floor. Please use as you need to but don’t over do it guys.😊
If you think we have missed anything please let us know.
Thank you 🙂
Oh yeah here’s the Gov websites for more info on this horrid virus.
For symptom checking:
For other stuff:

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