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As a studio mini local documentaries are something we have wanted to try for a while.  We love that people can share their lives and that others out there can take something from the film that may help them too.  Last summer our studio began to create a documentary about ‘Art and Minds’ – a small Mental Health and Well-being community shop established in North East Derbyshire.  With zero budget available we wanted to not only gain the experience, more over we wanted to help herald the good news that there is hope out there for those struggling with mental health issues.  And Art and Minds has become extremely special to us, it doesn’t go without saying that we want to take this opportunity to Thank everyone who kindly took the time to speak to us and shared their stories and experiences to create this film.

‘It isn’t just an ordinary place’ says Jane-marie Wright, Director of Sparky Ink Studio and Pink Alien Productions and Producer of the film. ‘It is a place that inspires adventure and reflection on your own life.’

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Please check out the film here: Youtube

The little shop at 36 Bridge Street in the small town of Killamarsh was brought together by Ian Judson and Barry (Baz) Thompson.  Using Art in their well-being groups helps those with Mental Health issues to creatively make those connections, which help to change their lives.

Both Ian and Baz are extremely talented Artists and Sculptors in their own right but have found that using Art as an expression helps them to deal with the triggers of their own mental health. In turn their pieces give a depth and invitation for the audience to become involved and share their own realizations, ideas and emotions.

On a weekly basis the pair deliver Art therapy and well-being workshops in and around the area which help others to get involved and discover that having Mental Illness does not have to be the end of the tracks.

Speaking in this Film Ian says: ‘It’s about helping each other out of the hole by creating a togetherness’


If you have enjoyed watching this film, find you are needing support too and live with the local area please contact Ian or Baz at:

Art and Minds, 36 Bridge Street Killamarsh S21 1AH

Contact Ian 07711271770


or through their facebook page…

Donations to the group are more than welcome.

If you are outside the area please contact MIND or the NHS for further support.

Please check out the film. We hope you enjoy.

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