Starting Back Soon…

We are really pleased to announce that Sparky Ink Studio will be re-opening on Monday 6th July. The opening will officially be for weekday workshop students only, to start with, although we are hoping that we can slowly introduce some of our other sessions back too.

Phew! We have been working hard to get the studio ready for all our students to return as they feel ready to do so. We’ve never seen so much hand gel sanitizer! 😀

Things are looking good, this doesn’t mean though that we are not taking things extremely seriously. We know the need to ensure we follow the social distancing, hand washing and masked face rules, while we are in studio and although things will be different and new for a while, we will all eventually get used to the new changes.

We have spent lots of time changing the studio around to accommodate the need for this and have purchased extra safety protective equipment that can help us in our day to day running of the studio. We are so looking forward to seeing all our students back and unleashing our creativity into some new projects. Speaking of which, we have some great things lined up too for the coming summer months, and we will be making some announcements soon, once we are settled back. 🙂

By Sparky Ink Studio

Sparky Ink Studio is based in Chesterfield UK. Our little studio delivers workshops in Digital Storytelling; including Games Design and Development, Animation, Broadcasting and Production, Film and Photography. We specialize in supporting those on the Autistic Spectrum.