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Phew! Our first month after lockdown is nearly over and it has been quite an experience. Firstly Thank you’ to everyone who has supported our Studio over the last month. We are so glad to be back and very happy that the changes we have made to help keep our studio #Safe are proving effective and are being observed by all our students.

So far so good…

Many of our students have returned to the Studio and it has been an engaging month with everyone excited to get back into things, start some new projects and enjoy some social distanced gaming too.
All the stickers and hazard tape are still stuck down on the carpets and we still have plenty of soap and toilet rolls! yippee!
We are actually finding the layout much better and splitting our animation area and gaming/production area has proved to be a success.

What’s new?

During lockdown we were given some cash to purchase some new equipment and so far we have managed to buy some pretty cool camera gear including a monitor and a shoulder rig.
We are also in the process of purchasing a new Gaming PC, (we usually buy secondhand and two of our PCs have just about given up) a Playstation 4 and VR set. These are going to be so much fun.
More on this next time.


Rebooting the studio has seen a staggered return of many of our regulars all with lots of stories to share. Rebooting anything can take a bit of time so we are not completely there just yet ,as not everyone has managed to return and we have not been able to run some sessions yet nethertheless we are working on it. We’re pacing ourselves, to ensure all our guys have a fab experience as they return.
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Lockdown has filled the team’s head with loads of great ideas and we will be sharing the new things we are hoping to start up in the near future. One of the things we are considering is to start up a few New Animation workshops aimed at those who prefer early evening or workshops especially for families. If you would like to know more about these please contact ginger@sparkyink.co.uk.
We hope to reboot: ‘That Saturday Morning Games Design and Development/Animation Thingy’ . The sessions will be a little different, as we are unable to take as many learners in as we did before due to covid-19. We will be creating additional session/s in the afternoon. Please check our Facebook page for more info. We will be giving first refusals to learners who have projects already underway.

Gaming Events

Controllers at the ready – ‘Thumb Defining’ configurations are being planned for the very near future. We know it has been a long stretch for our regular 8-bit evolved gamers. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting nearer.
We have had so many enquiries about when our gaming sessions will start up again. so we are currently discussing the best way to do this. We will try to update this very soon as we would love to run an event in August.
More excitement for Thumbs is that we are hoping to set up some new sessions for different groups. From Tournament style to Ladies only. Retro to Vintage gaming group. Yeah… You heard it first here!
Interested – why would you not be? Email us at 8bitevolvedgaming@gmail.com to register your Thumbs!

Other Stuff

Dates for your Diary (all being well):

From August/September on wards: Return of: ‘That Saturday Morning Games Design and Development/Animation Thingy’
Monday 31st August 2020: Return of: ‘The Bank Holiday’… Studio will remain open on this day.
Monday 28th September 2020: Studio Annual Shutdown for 1 week. We Return on Monday 6th October 2020

Please remember that if you, or someone in your family home or someone you have been with recently has symptoms of Covid-19 you will need to isolate as outlined by the Government and NHS.UK. If in doubt check with the NHS to find out what you need to do: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ about a Covid-19 test.
Check out the latest Covid-19 updates here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

#Staysafe #Weshyourhands

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