LOADING… SCREEN Newsletter – September 2020

Sept loading screen

Phew! September already! What an amazing couple of months since we returned after Lockdown to the Studio. It has been a fun time getting back into things and we have welcomed back a huge portion of our students.

Many of our students have managed to finish off a few older projects and others have begun a few new ones. All are getting back into telling and creating new stories. Check out some of the newest videos below.

From the Principles of Animations by young animator Oscar…

… to Crazy Editing of ‘Lockdown Experiences’ by Hamish

and Kristian’s Regular VLOG

… to lots of Broadcasting and Production, 3D Digital Modelling Creation, Games Design and Development, Filming for mini films and Animation to Concept and Digital Poster Art from all our other students. It has been a busy few months! Check out the gallery below…

COVID-19 Situation…

On a super serious note the UK Government has updated their guidelines recently and our Studio has been keeping up to date with the ongoing Covid-19 situation and constantly monitoring our policy and procedures, increasing certain aspects of our procedures to ensure the safety of our students and team. You can check out our latest procedures here. https://sparkyink.co.uk/covid-19

NEW Workshops

We have recently started up a NEW workshop aimed at young people aged 14 to 17 years who are looking to create a portfolio in Games Design and Development. This will be the whole package. From idea, creative script writing, to concept art and environments and 3D Modelling to animation. Using coding and game building in the GameMaker Studio 2 engine, to editing, sound FX and publishing. As well as exciting extras. Students may start at different areas of the GDD process. The idea is to have a portfolio of documented work and a few demo games. This portfolio can be used for further education applications or to look back on as a guide to work from at home. We will encourage a digital portfolio with a mini website which can be monitored from the studio.

The places are limited for this workshop. However, we will be making a waiting list with a view to running more sessions in the future or during holidays or online.

It is hoped that in the near future we will be able to offer the Arts Award qualification for this workshop.

Interested? Please check out the link here. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/121869580195

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is portfolio-promo-piccy.jpg

Gaming Events

As promised we are experimenting with our Gaming Events to try and get the guys back together on a regular basis. We are still struggling at the moment for our Mini-Gamers. However we are looking at offering some FREE online sessions via Discord for these guys to get together. Should be load of fun and those who can game with us can and those who cannot – well they have voices they can encourage their chums. Our 16+ gaming nite will begin up again (all being well in October) Our 16+ group is much smaller so this can be managed well in the studio. We have now published the events on our Event Bright Page. Please check these out.

16+ details – in our Events https://www.facebook.com/sparkyinkstudio

Mini-Gamers – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/covid-get-lost-mini-gamers-autism-friendly-saturday-gaming-morning-tickets-121861949371

DATES for Your Diary


Monday 21st September – 4.30 to 6pm – That Portfolio Monday Thingy – PRE BOOKING REQUIRED. And then every First and Third Monday each month.

Monday 28th September to Friday 2nd October 2020 – STUDIO ANNUAL CLOSE DOWN


Saturday 10th October 2020 – That Saturday Animation Morning Thingy – PRE BOOKING REQUIRED as limited places.

Saturday 10th October 2020 – That Saturday Morning Gamesdev Thing (games design and development) – Check out Events on our page on Facebook. PRE BOOKING REQUIRED as limited places.

Thursday 29th October 2020 – 4.30 to 7pm – 8 Bit Evolved Gaming Nite 16+. PRE BOOKING REQUIRED. Check out the events on Facebook.

Saturday 31st October 2020 – Covid Get lost Mini-gamers ONLINE Gaming Morning – Please Email ginger@sparkyink.co.uk for code (open only to children who have been to the group before.)

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Sparky Ink Studio is based in Chesterfield UK. Our little studio delivers workshops in Digital Storytelling; including Games Design and Development, Animation, Broadcasting and Production, Film and Photography. We specialize in supporting those on the Autistic Spectrum.

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