Studio Upgrade – from Studio 2 to The Old Head Master’s Office.

On Wednesday 20th December Sparky Ink Studio moved into another part of West Studios into our own self-contained Studio.  It was hard work and we didn’t realise how much stuff we had accumulated until we began packing it and realised that a few old wine boxes and some shopping bags wasn’t going to cut it.  […]

Digital Story-telling Workshops

NEW! “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU” Fan-Based Star Wars animation by Student Lewis

The Story evolved into a small adventure where Luke Skywalker and his team of Snowmen (some Zombie) capture The Dark Lord Darth Vader – Luke’s dad

8-Bit Evolved Autism Gaming

8-Bit Evolved Autism Friendly Gaming Night…SHOWREEL from our 5th Event!

…old titles were taken out of the cupboard and dusted off.

Stop-motion Animation Workshops Year Zero

Collection of mini animation’s

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Events Workshops Year Zero

Red Nose Attacks by Team Yellow Banana

We hope you enjoy this claymation v’s rubber stop-motion animation…..
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Taster Sessions Year Zero

Bad Dog? Mini Claymation by David Lewis

The question is…Is this a Bad Dog?  Enjoy.  Please like and subscribe on our YouTube Channel.  Thank you for watching.

Events Year Zero

Girls & Video Gaming…What’s all that about? 12.09.17 National Video Gaming Day!

Today is National Video Gaming Day. Yay!!!  Which is Brill that our Industry of both the Gamer and the Producer is being recognised.  In true Gamer Style I too will be spending some time knocking out a few rounds online or with some of the guys at the studio. As I was thinking about all […]

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Crazy Taster Trailer…

Many THANKS to all the guys at Derbyshire Autism Services Youth Group in Chesterfield. You were all amazing budding actors and Animators!

AUTISM STUFF Digital Story-telling GAMES DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Stop-motion Animation Workshops

Autism Friendly Saturday workshops for kids aged 10+

Saturday afternoons for kids aged 10+.  These are social and chilled out sessions designed to engage the participants in Digital Story-telling through  Animation and/ or Games Design.

8-Bit Evolved Autism Gaming

5th 8-Bit Evolved Autism Friendly Gaming Nite

…Lots of Retro’s – by request of course and a few other ones…think unusual and fun controllers!