Weird Few Weeks

Phew! Been a dashing around and getting well after a lengthy period of illness for the ‘Sparky Inkers’.

Projects Team Banana Workshops Year Zero

Team Yellow Banana complete Test Filming for stop-motion animation ‘BANANA WARS’

With the situation showing the Doomsday Clock as at 3 minutes to midnight; lust for fresh produce – mainly Banana’s is rife.

Projects Taster Sessions Year Zero

‘Starting From Nothing’ 2017 Taster Sessions

The first one will be held on Saturday 18th February 2017.

Events Taster Sessions Workshops

Taster Session with Chesterfield Autism Acceptance Group At Monkey Park.

…involved a chain of participants creating a ‘Abbey Road’ inspired crossing of the whole of the cafe, right in the heart of Monkey Park…The roars of laughter at the end of filming while watching the footage demonstrated the fun and enjoyment of participating in the taster.

8-Bit Evolved Autism Gaming Projects Year Zero

Welcome 2017!! Happy New Year Inkers & Thinkers!

We are still in year Zero but at last a year with a 7 in it! 2017 has been plugged in and ready to go…….


Merry Christmas Inkers & Thinkers

Everyone have a fantastic time and we’ll see you in the New Year!!!

Events Inking Corner - Artist Profiles

Inking Corner – Sparky Ink Studio Presents Art & Design Student Amy Susan Hannah

“I mainly choose the Snow White piece as I’ve always loved Grimm fairytales and their art styles…”

Events Inking Corner - Artist Profiles

Inking Corner – Sparky Ink Studio Presents: Concept Artist & Animator Jake Daniel Wright – for the ‘Spellbound Myth’s and Legends’ Art Exhibition

…”I was able to put the characters into situations I feared in real life.” 

8-Bit Evolved Autism Gaming

8-Bit Evolved Autism Friendly Gaming Night

…New Facebook Page… @8BitEvolvedAutismGaming

Inking Corner - Artist Profiles


To Celebrate the largest moon since 1948, apparently at its biggest around 2pmGMT in the UK.  Studio Artist – Jinksy has done a quick Photoshop ‘BIG MOON’ over Chesterfield Crooked Spire. Enjoy your BIG MOON MONDAY! Copyright Jinksy 2016